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Get a cryptocurrency-backed loan to fund your investments or pay your expenses—without selling your bitcoin or ethereum.

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Crypto-secured loans done right.


Multi-Institution Multi-Signature cold-storage custody for maximum security


Average loan approval within 1 business day


Dedicated collateral addresses on the blockchain for easy monitoring


Experienced client services team always available to help

Multi-Institution, Multi-Signature Collaborative Cold Custody

Three independent key holders collaborate to protect collateral

‣ Collateral is stored in multi-signature addresses requiring 2-of-3 keys to spend

‣ These keys are held by you - the borrower, Unchained, and a third party key agent

‣ No one person or organization is a single point of failure

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Loan terms that make sense.

Interest Rates



3-60 Months

Origination Fees


Loan-to-Value Ratios


Actual loans terms, including the interest rates and origination fees, will vary by state.

Example Terms: A $10,000 loan with an origination fee of 2%, an interest rate of 12%, and an amount financed of $9,800 that is repayable in 36 monthly installments, would have monthly payments of $100.00 and an APR of 12.81%.

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A lending platform unlike others.

Unchained Capital Other lenders
Multi-Institution Custody
No Hard Credit Check
Fast and Responsive Support
Public Security Audit
Open Source Smart Contracts
No Token / Membership

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