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Crypto-Secured Loans

Unchained Capital lends USD to individuals
and businesses who provide Bitcoin as collateral.

Get a Loan Backed By Your Bitcoin

Borrow up to $1M without a credit check today

Save Money

Don’t get caught in the cycle of selling Bitcoin to pay taxes for selling Bitcoin.

Leverage can save you money in the long term if it helps you to hold your position.

Do More

Don’t let your Bitcoin stagnate! Use it to improve your life.

Invest in businesses, remodel or purchase a property, or pay for a major life event.

Keep Your Bitcoin

Friends don’t let friends sell their Bitcoin!

Borrowing allows you to hold onto your Bitcoin and capture future gains while still getting value from your assets today!

Our Customers Love Us

Crypto-Secured Loans Done Right

The best choice for borrowers since June 2017.


Create an account, submit our online application, and be approved for a loan in as little as 24 hours.

Use any wallet software and your existing bank account.

Great Support

Good service in crypto is rare. We pride ourselves on clear & responsive communications.

Borrowers can reach our dedicated loan specialists through email & phone during business hours. No outsourced customer support!


We dedicate a Bitcoin address in our cold-storage vault for each customer loan so you can monitor your collateral at any time.

We deploy high-level security throughout our IT infrastructure in accordance with PCI standards.

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