Enhanced security, peace of mind

Financial services to help you better protect & manage your bitcoin


Your keys, your bitcoin, just safer

Whether you are managing a fund or personal savings, our multisignature cold storage vaults allow you to balance security and sovereignty.

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Friends don’t let friends sell bitcoin

Get a cryptocurrency-backed loan to fund your investments or pay your expenses—without selling your bitcoin or ethereum.

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Collaborative Custody

The best way to protect bitcoin is on-chain multisignature addresses with keys shared across different parties.


Multisignature storage with distributed keys


On-chain addresses that are easy to monitor


Use your existing hardware wallet(s)


Choose how much control you wish to retain

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Introducing Vaults: A Letter from Our CEO

"Unchained Capital was founded by people who believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world -- but only if they can be kept safe and made useful. Since we launched our crypto-backed loans in 2017, our multisignature custody platform has protected millions of dollars of bitcoin using the most secure and transparent collateral storage available.

We're excited to announce that our custody platform now offers clients their own private Vault. Our Vaults come with all of the enhanced security benefits of multisignature storage along with easy administration and the ability to retain sovereign control over funds. We built this product for individuals and organizations like ourselves who value freedom and sovereignty.

Starting today, any user (US and international) can complete a profile, connect two hardware wallets, and create their vault. We encourage everyone to try it and share your experience with us. We know the product will make you feel more secure."


Joe Kelly

A differentiated approach to Financial Services

Our secure custody platform allows users to control keys with simple access to lending
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Compatible with the most trusted hardware devices and wallets

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