How It Works

Unchained Capital offers cash loans to US individuals and businesses who provide Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral.


  • Use our website to complete an account and loan application in minutes. In most instances we can turn around a loan request in under a day.
  • Use your existing wallet to send collateral to your new loan’s vault address.
  • We will wire your disbursement to the bank account of your choosing.


  • Make monthly, interest-only payments.
  • If the value of your collateral drops by 25% we will request more collateral or a principal payment.
  • If the value of your collateral drops by 45% we have the right to repossess your collateral and sell it to recover principal and any outstanding interest.


  • Your final payment will include principal repayment. We will return your collateral to an address of your choosing.
  • Given sufficient collateral value, you may also renew your loan (with potentially new terms) and defer principal repayment.
  • Disclaimer: A $10,000 loan for 2 years costs $2,500 with $100 in monthly interest payments and one payment of $10,000 due at maturity with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 12.57%.

Rock solid, peace of mind

We’re using industry best practices and a
solid and secure stack to protect your assets.

Wallet Security

We use unique per-customer, per-loan multi-signature P2SH addresses for all collateral held in vaults. We use hierarchical deterministic (HD) hardware wallets to store our private keys on hardware devices and we use well-tested, industry-standard open-source software to author and audit our transactions.

Physical & Operational Security

We maintain an internal security policy and ensure that all personnel are trained to conform to it.

Our hardware wallets are in geographically-separated locations and must be simultaneously accessed to authorize spending. Wallet seeds are stored in physically secure locations separate from the wallets they restore.

Network Security

We employ high-level security throughout our IT infrastructure in accordance with PCI-compliance standards.

We operate within a secure, private, firewalled network. All data is encrypted en route to/from and within our environment (at motion as well as at rest) using industry-standard AES-256 encryption. We require two-factor authentication (2FA) to access all sensitive resources.

Employees are uniquely identified within our environment by a centralized identity management infrastructure. All access to all systems is controlled by this infrastructure and limited and minimal. We aggressively monitor all traffic to/from and within our environment and keep access, system, and application logs (tied to user/system/employee identifiers) indefinitely.

Start your application Unchain your cryptocurrency and apply for a loan now.

Unchained Capital currently offers crypto-secured loans using Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral.

To determine loan-to-value ratios and collateralization for Bitcoin, Unchained Capital references the CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index, a spot price index with independent oversight and data fed by trading platforms such as Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit and Kraken.

To determine loan-to-value ratios and collateralization for Ethereum, Unchained Capital references the Gemini ETHUSD rate which is determined by the buyers and sellers on the exchange.

Loan durations from 3 months - 60 months are available for application.

Interest rates vary by location, loan size, and other parameters.

Interest Rates typically range from 8-14%

Limited time offer until December 31st 2018: we are offering interest rates of 5.99% on loans with terms of 6 months or less

We lend at a 50% loan-to-value ratio. Customers may borrow $1 for every $2 of collateral deposited.

The minimum loan amount is $10k for domestic loans and $100k for international loans. Requirements on minimum size, interest rates, and other details do differ between states.

No. Loan principal and accrued interest can be paid down at any time without penalty.

An email notification will be sent out to alert borrowers of a price decrease. To bring a loan back to the original loan-to-value ratio, a borrower may: 1) Deposit additional collateral or 2) Submit a principal payment in USD

Partial returns of collateral are available upon request once the collateral:principal ratio exceeds 250% (equivalent to 40% loan-to-value). We will only honor requests if it has been at least 30 days since the start of the loan or the last margin call.

The loan agreement is structured as a Term Loan. Initial loan funding will be for the entire loan amount. Interest only payments will be due monthly with a final lump sum payment due at the end of the term. Additional principal payments can be made at any time during the loan without penalty.

Yes. Unchained Capital operates internationally depending on the jurisdiction. Support for international borrowers is limited to loans with a commercial purpose and a $100k USD minimum loan amount.

The profile information we collect is in the service of our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Personal loan profile details include name, birth date, address, SSN, photo ID, and source of funds. Business loan profile details include legal name, address, EIN, Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, proof of address, plus details on principals and large shareholders.

The loan collateral can only be utilized to make principal payments. If the final principal payment is made via a sale of collateral, the remainder after the amount owed plus exchange fees will be sent to the return address provided.

Once approved, we will generate an address in our cold storage vault dedicated to your loan. You will send your collateral to this address.

Funds will remain in this address for the duration of your loan. You will be able to monitor the balance at any time using our website or any other block explorer you wish.

For maintenance reasons, we may move the funds from the original vault address to another vault address. You will be notified in advance in such a scenario.

We do not leverage your collateral for other products or services (no fractional-reserve lending).

When you close your loan and repay your principal, your collateral will be returned to an address of your choosing.

If your loan enters default at any time, we will be forced to liquidate a portion of your collateral in order to cover our principal cost and any unpaid interest. Any remainder will be returned to an address of your choosing.

Collateral is either stored in a multi-institution multi-signature address, or a single-institution multi-signature address, depending on the borrower’s choice at the time of a loan.

Unchained Capital’s multi-institution custody solution enables borrowers to distribute trust across three different parties: Themselves, Unchained Capital, and a 3rd-party key agent. Each party holds one key, and two of the three keys are always required to authorize a transaction (2-of-3 multisig).

In both single and multi-institution custody solutions, the collateral storage addresses are backed by hardware wallets. Hardware wallets that are controlled by Unchained or 3rd parties are PIN/password protected and operated by authorized signing staff in multiple US cities.

All Vault addresses we provision from our multisig cold wallet are single-purpose and dedicated to each customer loan.

At no point does customer collateral reside in a network-connected (hot) wallet of any kind.

Unchained Capital does not automate withdrawals of collateral. All transactions require intervention and coordination of multiple executives and authorized signing staff.

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